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Our attorneys do not try to “do it all.” We do not dilute our practice in many areas of the law. Rather, we recognize and optimize our strengths in personal injury and insurance litigation. We do not represent insurance companies, manufacturers, or other corporate interests. We exclusively represent individual plaintiffs who have suffered physically or financially because of someone else’s actions.

If you become a client of Willis, Willis & Rizzi Co., L.P.A., you can be assured that your personal injury case will receive personalized, individualized attention from your lawyer. Your serious legal needs will not be processed with a “one-size-fits-all” assembly line mindset, and you will not be passed off to a paralegal. Clients have direct contact, initially and throughout the case, with an experienced personal injury attorney.

At Willis, Willis, & Rizzi we concentrate on personal injury work and we push on our client’s behalf for an outcome that is in their best interest. We have had victories in the Ohio Supreme Court, Federal Courts, Federal Courts of Appeals, State Courts of Appeals, and trial courts. We work tirelessly to expose coverages where claims were made that no coverage existed and challenging health plans when they say they are entitled to take their money back from you. 

When you have a small firm like Willis, Willis, & Rizzi who is dedicated to the practice of law and takes each personal injury case personally and very seriously, it can be a real benefit to clients who need a strong advocate fighting for their best interests.

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Nursing Home Injury Attorneys

At Willis, Willis & Rizzi we are a boutique personal injury firm which means that we are not doing mass volumes of personal injury cases. If we decide to take on your case, you will get our best efforts to not only secure the maximum amount of compensation available but to also help in the healing process for you or your loved one.

February 7, 2023

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Spinal Injury Attorneys

At Willis, Willis & Rizzi every client and case we take on we devote our full attention and resources to helping that client and securing a just resolution in their case. This is especially important in spinal injury cases due to the many challenges involved.

January 6, 2023

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Bicycle and Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

When you hire Willis, Willis & Rizzi to handle your pedestrian or bicycle accident case you not only get a legal team that cares enough to look for evidence related to your case but also knows where to look for this evidence.

November 30, 2022

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