Representing Roughnecks

Roughnecks are the men and women who work on oil and gas drilling rigs. It is hard work and it can be dangerous. Roughnecks encounter various chemicals and different machines, all while either on or around a drilling rig that has multiple moving parts. Roughnecks work long hours, in all types of weather, for many days in a row. At any well site there are usually numerous different companies and employers around. They all have their own objectives and sometimes their objectives take precedence over the safety of the roughnecks that are actually on the rig. We have successfully represented multiple roughnecks in the past who have sustained significant injuries caused by the carelessness of others in the drilling process. These cases can be complicated because numerous entities are involved and none of them are willing to take responsibility. If you or a loved one are a roughneck and are injured in a gas and oil rig incident, we have the experience and the resources to get to the truth and find the responsible parties. Important information in these cases has a way of disappearing over time, so it is wise to get legal representation involved as early as possible. Call us for a free consultation.

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