Marketing. It’s just about everywhere. If Wonder Bread could get your attention every time you walked by the toaster, they’d be sorely tempted.  There’s probably someone out there who has already turned that into an app. Every time your phone’s GPS sensed it’s in the kitchen, you’d get deluged with food ads. And a few more seconds of your time are spent.

Law firms need clients just like any business needs customers. Over the last twenty some years, some law firms broke with the long professional tradition of caring for a client’s needs and turned to aggressive marketing to obtain their clients. That approach doesn’t suit us.

We have stayed with our long-held conviction that if we take care of our clients, our clients will take care of us. What that means is we will communicate with clients and represent them zealously. We can devote our energy to representing clients zealously because we do not spend any energy creating TV ads, radio ads or literature to drop off at your doorstep or hang on your door knob. We do not believe in cold-calling injured parties, and we don’t run around scooping up traffic crash reports to send letters in hopes of getting new clients. We don’t use online advertising, magazine/newspaper ads, or TV campaigns. We don’t have billboards or trucks with rotating signs proclaiming our services. The only emails we send to clients, other than an occasional ‘happy birthday,’ are focused on actual developments in their cases. Basically, we have this website, a sign at our building, and most important, the good word of those who have come through our door.

We concentrate all of our energy on the areas of injury and insurance related law. We do not handle probate work, domestic relations, criminal law, real estate, or any of the other myriad categories of legal work. We simply stay focused on our clients and work harder than other lawyers and the insurance companies we oppose.

Our reward for that is that our clients can see and believe that we have worked hard to get them the best results possible given the unique facts and circumstances of each case. These clients have referred our name to their friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors who are in need of our services. We are proud to say that over the years our firm has survived and thrived solely on this model. We see no reason to change.

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