Bus, Train, Taxi Uber and Lyft Accidents

Passenger Transportation Injuries

Were you injured while riding a bus or train? As a passenger in a taxi or limousine? Of hit by a Uber or Lyft vehicle?  As a driver or pedestrian hit by such a vehicle? There can be special challenges to recovering compensation.

The law firm of Willis, Willis & Rizzi Co., L.P.A. is adept at proving negligence and establishing who is liable for your losses. Our lawyers can effectively represent your interests, even in claims against government entities. Contact us today to discuss your rights in a free consultation.

  • Bus Accidents
  • Train Accidents
  • Taxi and Limo Accidents
  • Uber and Lyft Accidents

In over 5 decades  of  experience with motor vehicle accidents, our attorneys have handled many cases involving public or private transportation vehicles:

  • Metro bus, school bus and tour bus accidents
  • Taxicab, limousine and airport shuttle crashes
  • RTA rapid transit bus and light rail injuries
  • RR crossing accidents
  • Uber/Lyft drivers

We are familiar with many scenarios: public transport passengers injured in collisions with a car; automobile drivers injured in collisions with a bus; pedestrians or bicyclists hit by a bus or taxi; and taxi, bus or train drivers injured in on-duty crashes by the negligence of others.

Our personal injury lawyers are knowledgeable about the challenges created by public transportation companies to avoid liability. Our goal is full compensation for medical care, lost wages and personal pain and suffering.

We also understand the unique legal and insurance issues in these cases, such as limited immunity of governmental entities or complex layers of ownership and liability on a private coach or taxi. For example, we have investigated product liability crashworthiness claims against the manufacturers of stretch limos, on behalf of teenage passengers killed and injured in a crash on the way to prom. 

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