Oil and Gas Well Injuries

An oil and gas drilling rig and the well site it sits on contain many hazards. Some hazards are unknown and unforeseen because the well sites have multiple companies and personnel on location. They all bring different equipment and chemicals to the site. Sometimes, unknowingly, these interact with one another and cause unintended consequences. We have successfully represented clients working in the oil and gas industry who were hurt in an environment where the various contractors on the site were not communicating with one another properly, so that one would know their actions would create a problem with another’s product. We have successfully represented families against gas and oil producersand transporters who have been damaged by contaminated water wells.

Many people think the fracking process contains numerous bad chemicals. However, long before fracking begins there are already dangerous chemicals at the well site. Chemicals used to make “mud” to hold gas pressure in check contain many health hazards. If these chemicals become mixed or are used improperly, bad things can happen. If something goes wrong, it is the workers around the rig who are on the frontline, and they are the ones who usually suffer injuries as a result.

Sometimes high powered lithium batteries are used in different parts of the operation. Lithium batteries can become unstable and explode, causing injury as well as a cloud of toxic fumes. This is a complicated field due to the multiple entities involved at the typical well site. A thorough investigation of the incident takes a firm with the resources and expertise to keep fighting and ultimately prevail against oil and gas companies that are very well defended. We have a proven track record successfully representing injured workers in gas and oil related drilling incidents and representing families for contaminated water wells.

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