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Toxic Chemical Attorneys in Ohio

Toxic Chemical Attorneys in Ohio

May 8, 2023
By Willis, Willis & Rizzi, Personal Injury Attorneys Akron

Attorneys for Toxic Chemical Exposure in Ohio

There are many situations in which individuals may be exposed to toxic chemicals. For example, Ohio permits the mining process called hydraulic fracturing also known as “fracking” where they bore a hole into the earth and pump under high pressure a mixture of water, sand, and chemicals which creates fractures in shale rock that allows natural gas and oil to flow out and be collected. 

There are a number of concerns about fracking, including the potential for water contamination, air pollution, and earthquakes. Water contamination can occur if the fracking fluid leaks into groundwater or surface water. Air pollution can occur from the release of methane, a greenhouse gas, and other pollutants into the air. Earthquakes can be caused by the high-pressure injection of fluid into the ground.

Also consider the recent train derailments in Ohio in early 2023 where trains with chemical tanks have come off the tracks and leaked chemicals into the air and ground. It remains to be seen what the long term effects of these train derailments will be on the environment and the people living nearby these accidents.

At Willis, Willis & Rizzi personal injury law firm in Akron, Ohio we have handled a wide range of cases involving toxic chemical exposure. For example, we litigated a case and represented a group of people who had RADS (reactive airway dysfunction syndrome) which is a condition that causes inflammation and narrowing of the airways due to high-level exposure to a chemical gas or fume. In this case, the group of people were exposed to toxic chemicals from directional drilling activity where the lithium ion batteries used in directional drilling had been exposed to heat and water and thus caused toxic chemical exposure. We have handled many other types of toxic chemical exposure cases which resulted in favorable settlements for our clients.

Challenges Involved in Toxic Chemical Personal Injury Cases

Personal injuries related to toxic chemical exposure are very challenging cases. Typically, in cases like this there are a wide range of defendants who are all pointing fingers at each other related to who was at fault. Additionally, evidence related to the exposure can be difficult to find since the chemicals in question have dissipated into the air or seeped into the earth. Other challenges related to toxic chemical exposure cases include:

  • Proving causation. One of the biggest challenges in toxic chemical personal injury cases is proving that the toxic chemical actually caused the injury.
  • Defendant’s resources. Toxic chemical companies often have deep pockets and are well-represented by lawyers. This can make it difficult for plaintiffs to obtain a fair settlement or verdict.
  • Lengthy litigation. Toxic chemical cases can take many years to resolve. This is because the discovery process can be complex and time-consuming, and the litigation process can be drawn out.

If you have been injured by a toxic chemical, it is important to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and options and can represent you in court.

Why Hire Willis, Willis & Rizzi as your Personal Injury Attorney in a Toxic Chemical Exposure case?

The business model of many personal injury attorneys and law firms is one of mass volume. These attorneys and firms take on mass volumes of personal injury cases such that it becomes a fast moving assembly line of cases. Due to the complexities and challenges involved in a toxic chemical exposure case this assembly line model will not produce the best outcome for plaintiffs because the attorney or law firm needs to settle the case as quickly as possible in order to move on to the next case on the assembly line.

At Willis, Willis & Rizzi our approach is different. We have the time, experience and patience to get into a complex and challenging case and fight for our clients to achieve the best outcome possible. If we agree to take on your case you will get our unwavering commitment and resources to prove liability and damages in your favor. We can bring considerable pressure on the companies involved in a toxic chemical exposure case which often can lead to favorable settlements for our clients.

The majority of personal injury attorneys charge a similar contingency fee. So, if you are paying the same fee, why choose an attorney or firm who is more interested in how quickly they need to settle a case? Consider a law firm like Willis, Willis and Rizzi who will invest the time and resources to get the best result possible for your case.

If you feel you have been exposed to toxic chemicals, give us a call today at 330-535-2000 or fill out the inquiry form on this page and speak to a personal injury attorney, who can advise you on your situation.

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