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Accidents and Injuries Involving Commercial Vehicles

Accidents and Injuries Involving Commercial Vehicles

November 8, 2022
By Willis, Willis & Rizzi, Personal Injury Attorneys Akron

There are many types of commercial vehicles that are used on a daily basis and that are involved in accidents and that result in personal injuries. Typically, when someone thinks about a commercial vehicle a semi-truck or well-branded delivery vehicle comes to mind. However, nearly any vehicle on the road can qualify as a commercial vehicle depending on if that vehicle and driver are operating on behalf of their employer or business. In the State of Ohio for example, an employer is responsible for the conduct of employees while they are acting in the course and scope of the employer’s business.

If you have been in an accident and sustained personal injuries, and you suspect that the driver or vehicle may have been operating on behalf of their employer, contact Willis, Willis & Rizzi and let’s discuss your situation.

Challenges With Commercial Vehicle Accident Cases

There are many challenges in a commercial vehicle accident case. In many cases there are severe injuries, and the victim has minimal insurance coverage. As personal injury attorneys we will be investigating what other insurance coverage is out there, for example in the way of a commercial vehicle insurance policy. Even when we have determined that the vehicle and driver were operating in the course and scope of their job for their employer we often encounter obstacles where the business argues that the driver is really an independent contractor and thus the business is not responsible for their conduct and actions on the road that day. Additionally, often businesses will argue that the driver on their own accord diverted from the scope of their job, described as a “frolic and detour” and that the business is not responsible for the drivers’ actions. This type of situation can lead to pursuing if the business was negligent in the hiring and training of the driver.

Personal injury cases involving commercial vehicles are rarely easy, they are almost never black and white situations they are usually many shades of gray with a lot of legal arguments and maneuvering to avoid liability. This is why you need an experienced team such as Willis, Willis & Rizzi to help you navigate these types of personal injury cases.

Why Hire Willis, Willis & Rizzi to Handle Your Commercial Vehicle Accident Case

At Willis, Willis & Rizzi we have handled many personal injury cases involving commercial vehicles even when our clients didn’t realize the driver that hit them was operating on behalf of their employer. While it is easy to recognize a commercial vehicle that is branded or clearly looks like a commercial vehicle, often times in these cases we are dealing with unmarked delivery vans or simply a driver using their own personal vehicle in the course of their job. Our team will leave no stone unturned in exploring all the facts of your case, looking for possible insurance coverages where none were thought to exist, and finding out what really happened in your accident case.

Other personal injury law firms often are doing mass volumes of cases: they move you in and they move you out, often without truly investigating what is happening with the case and what insurance coverages may be out there. We treat each personal injury case we take on with a great deal of care and attention.

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