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Why Should I Hire Willis, Willis & Rizzi?

Why Should I Hire Willis, Willis & Rizzi?

October 28, 2021
By Willis, Willis & Rizzi, Personal Injury Attorneys Akron

Personal Injury Attorneys Akron, Ohio – Why Hire Willis, Willis & Rizzi?

Willis, Willis, & Rizzi is uniquely positioned to help clients in their personal injury cases. You will see many personal injury attorneys and law firms advertising on TV and other media. These attorneys and law firms do mass volumes of personal injury cases. While these entities know how to do personal injury work, due to the volume of work they are doing it’s like being on an assembly line and you are put at the end of the line. In many situations these entities are taking in a thousand personal injury cases a week, which means they are settling a thousand cases a week. You become a number not a name and do not get personal attention.

At Willis, Willis, & Rizzi we concentrate on personal injury work and we push on our client’s behalf for an outcome that is in their best interest. We have had victories in the Ohio Supreme Court, Federal Courts, Federal Courts of Appeals, State Courts of Appeals, and trial courts. We work tirelessly to expose coverages where claims were made that no coverage existed and challenging health plans when they say they are entitled to take their money back from you.

When you have a small firm like Willis, Willis, & Rizzi who is dedicated to the practice of law and takes each personal injury case personally and very seriously, it can be a real benefit to clients who need a strong advocate fighting for their best interests. Our fee is no different than any of the big advertisers. Using the big advertising firms is akin to eating fast food but paying prices of the best steak house in town. If you are going to pay for the best steak house in town, you ought to get the steak that goes with it.

The big advertising firms claim to have collected millions for their clients – they have – by handling a large volume of clients. We have collected millions for our clients as well – only we do it with large recoveries for a smaller set of clients. Would you rather your attorney be thinking about how best to maximize your recovery or thinking about their next advertising campaign?

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