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Product Liability Lawyers

Product Liability Lawyers

April 12, 2022
By Willis, Willis & Rizzi, Personal Injury Attorneys Akron

Why should I hire Willis, Willis & Rizzi as my product liability attorneys?

We are a boutique law firm; we get 100% behind the personal injury cases that we decide to accept. That is where the difference lies between Willis, Willis & Rizzi and other law firms you may be considering for your defective product liability case.

The types of cases that we like to accept are those for which the individual has had life-altering injuries such as the person will not be able to work in the same job or profession or enjoy the same quality of life for which they were accustomed. We have a very strong background in dealing with experts in the medical field on those types of life-altering issues.

When litigating a defective product injury case there are two important considerations when choosing an attorney or law firm to represent you. We discussed earlier the requirement to be a “product expert” for the product in question, to be able to try the product liability aspect of the case. But the attorney or law firm must also have expertise in trying the personal injury side of the case and this is something that Willis, Willis & Rizzi deals with on a daily basis. Whatever your personal injuries are, we have dealt with the types of medical experts the case requires to get our clients the most favorable result possible.

We are a small law firm located in Akron, Ohio and we put all our resources behind the cases that we accept in the personal injury field. We do not do mass volume, assembly line production of personal injury cases. When we take on your case you get extraordinary care, attention, and dedication that you wouldn’t get from a larger law firm that looks at your case as just another number.

That’s why you should consider Willis, Willis & Rizzi for your product liability personal injury case.

Call us today at 330-535-2000 or fill out the request form and we can discuss your case.

What are some examples of defective product liability cases?

At Willis, Willis & Rizzi, located in Akron, Ohio we have litigated a wide variety of defective product liability cases that have caused serious injuries to our clients. These injuries have resulted from defective products such as air bags, cars, dental tools, medical tools, medical devices, construction scaffolding, guns, directional drilling equipment on a gas rig, and even children’s toys just to name a few.

If you have been injured by a product and you feel it was not your fault, contact us today and we can discuss your situation and advise you if there may be a defective product injury case.

What are the challenges with defective product liability cases?

The biggest challenge in a defective product liability case is that every product is different, and attorneys are not engineers or subject matter experts on every product in the marketplace. The law firm you choose to represent you must be willing to reach out and find the experts on the product in question, as well as research and learn as much about the product themselves as possible. Knowledge of the product is always a challenge since the manufacturer of the product obviously knows more than everyone else involved in the case. But by seeking out product experts and digging into the product information, competent lawyers can level the playing field with product manufacturers and start to unravel why the product failed. Did the manufacturer try to save money by shortening up the manufacturing process to make the product cheaper? Was there an engineering/design flaw in the product? Was the product not maintained properly? These are challenging questions as many products are very complex with many people involved.

At Willis, Willis & Rizzi we go to great lengths to become experts on the product in question, to get into that world and understand what went wrong. It can be a very intense investigation with product research and testing.

Do manufacturers try to avoid responsibility in product liability cases?

Typically, the initial reaction from product manufacturers is the product was used improperly, or the victim used the product improperly. There are situations where this may be the truth, but certainly not all the time. Again, this is where the lawyers in the case have to dig in and find the product experts to help ascertain what went wrong with the product. There are many different specialists we can rely on such as engineers, metallurgists, medical device experts, and so on.

Oftentimes what we have seen in our cases is that manufacturing has tried to reduce cost or speed up the manufacturing of the product by using cheaper materials or processes. For example, using spot welding instead of full length welding. This may make sense to the engineer in the lab where the product was designed, but in practical scenarios in rough environments often the products won’t hold up to the stress.

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