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What to do if you’re involved in a collision

What to do if you’re involved in a collision

September 25, 2021
By Willis, Willis & Rizzi, Personal Injury Attorneys Akron

1. Call the police.

2. If you suspect any injuries, be transported by EMS to the hospital.

3. Get the contact number for any witnesses. Don’t rely on the police because they don’t always
   do it.

4. Take photographs.

5. Don’t move your vehicle.

6. Give the hospital your health insurance information not your auto insurance information nor
   the auto insurer for the other driver.

7. Follow up with your primary care physician.

8. Keep a copy of all paperwork, contact information, claim numbers, receipts or other
   information you come across in the process.

9. Do not give a recorded statement to any insurance company. Tell them that they may
   contact your lawyer to discuss statements.