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Children Drivers and Auto Insurance Coverage

Children Drivers and Auto Insurance Coverage

February 2, 2024
By Willis, Willis & Rizzi, Personal Injury Attorneys Akron
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Children Drivers and Auto Insurance Coverage

One of the largest insurance companies in the world will use a tactic where they will designate an individual as an insured under your auto policy, or as a driver. They will also encourage their insurance agents to list children who are under your policy as drivers rather than insured – because the coverage is watered-down for someone listed as a driver as opposed to being listed as an insured.

And do you know what the cost difference is between being listed as a driver or as an insured? ZERO. But it gives the insurance company the opportunity to say as a driver your child is not covered for a particular situation. As an insured under your policy, your child would be fully covered!

It is important to make sure that anyone who will be driving a car under your policy is listed as a named insured, not just a driver, so that they have all the rights and privileges available under the policy.

Children, Divorce, Adoption, Fostering and Your Auto Insurance Policy

If you are a blended family with children who are driving, questions can come up regarding under whose auto insurance policy are the children covered. Who is the residential parent? Are they covered under both insurance policies? At Willis, Willis & Rizzi we have seen situations where the insurance companies are pointing fingers at each other arguing whose policy is the child covered on. Again, this is why it is important to make sure your child is a named insured on your policy so that they are fully covered, and not just a named driver on the policy.

We have also seen situations where children drivers are off to college and insurance companies will argue that the child was not a resident of the household. So, they will argue that because they are living in a different area they would’ve rated the child driver differently than they rated other members of the policy, and they will try and wiggle out of covering an incident. If you have a child off to college make sure your insurance agent knows, and make sure they are a named insured on the policy.

If you have an adopted child or a foster child we have seen issues where insurance companies will argue that your adopted or fostered child is not a member of the family. Just because you think they are a member of the family doesn’t mean they are defined as such on your auto insurance policy. It is important to make sure your insurance agent or company is fully aware of your family situation.

What we recommend at Willis, Willis & Rizzi is if you have any special considerations about which you have questions – put it in an email to your insurance agent or company and ask them to respond to it, that way you have it in writing. If there is ever an issue in the future related to that situation, you have a paper trail that you can come back to and reference their response.

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