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Why You Shouldn’t Handle Your Own Personal Injury Case

Why You Shouldn’t Handle Your Own Personal Injury Case

October 10, 2023
By Willis, Willis & Rizzi, Personal Injury Attorneys Akron
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The topic “why you shouldn’t handle your own personal injury case” speaks for itself. This isn’t meant to blame people who think they can do it. Consider that you are constantly bombarded with happy go lucky commercials and ads from the major insurance companies showing emus and people with white aprons and telling jokes. The ads create the impression that insurance companies will do the right thing and handle your personal injury case with care, fairness and expediency. So, if you’re in an accident and have injuries that require medical attention you’re expecting to have those medical bills covered without a lot of hassle and back and forth. The reality is that if insurance companies did those things, the personal injury attorneys at Willis, Willis & Rizzi would be unemployed!

Trying to handle your own personal injury case is a lot like trying to step through a mine field. The insurance companies will throw multiple obstacles in your path to getting resolution. One of the first things that you will see happen is the insurance companies asking if you mind if they take your recorded statement, because they want to hear your version of the events of the accident. This is clearly trolling on the insurance companies’ side to see if you say anything that gives them an “out” that maybe it wasn’t their insured that caused the accident.  Maybe you were speeding, maybe you ran the red light, maybe you went left of center, maybe you didn’t have your seatbelt on? The insurance companies will go further: were you doing anything on your phone, were you distracted, did you have anything to drink that day, are you taking any prescription medications? Before you realize it, the conversation has turned from helping you with your medical bills to interrogating you about your actions. And you are left wondering why we are talking about me? It was your insured that ran the red light and t-boned me, whey are we talking about my medical history?

The Clock is Ticking on your Personal Injury Case

What typically happens is from the date of your injury in the accident, there is a 2 year statute of limitations. What that means is that you have 2 years from the date of the injury to settle your personal injury claim. If you can’t settle the case you have to file a lawsuit within that 2 year period. If you don’t file a lawsuit within that 2 year period your personal injury case is forever over. You are out of time.

What happens oftentimes is we’ll see someone try and handle their own personal injury case and after going through the insurance companies’ mine field they will come to us with 3 weeks left of the 2 year period. This puts you and us in a very difficult position because so much time has passed since the accident any evidence that could have been used such as camera footage is gone. And after you have given a recorded statement and provided authorization to the insurance companies to access your medical records and background information in the hopes of settling the claim, and you have a stack of papers on your desk that is 2 feet tall, now the insurance companies are saying maybe we don’t owe you anything. And in all of that time and paperwork and statements, what you won’t see is any kind of monetary offer from the insurance companies to settle the claim.

That’s why it is so important, if you have injuries from an accident and will incur medical expenses, you need to get a personal injury attorney involved as soon as possible to get in front of the situation and start to control the narrative of your case.

Why Hire Willis, Willis & Rizzi to Handle Your Personal Injury Case

When someone has been injured in an accident they are scared and confused and what they quickly realize is that everything is going to work out, that the insurance companies are going to do the right thing and take care of them. What you quickly realize is that your phone is exploding with calls. You don’t even know who is calling you after a certain point. You are getting phone calls from the insurance company of the person that hit you, phone calls from insurance company of a passenger in your car, even phone calls from your own insurance company. Then the phone calls and text messages from lawyers start. You’ll come home and find something hanging on your door from a law firm with magnets and photos.

At Willis, Willis & Rizzi – we don’t do any of that type of stuff. Our focus is on helping our clients get better. Let us deal with the insurance companies and handle all of the legal issues while you get the treatment you need to recover from your injuries. We are your first line of defense against the tactics of the insurance companies. We are a firewall that protects you and allows you to focus on your recovery while we take control of the narrative of your personal injury claim.

If you have been in an accident and have medical injuries and bills, don’t hesitate to contact Willis, Willis & Rizzi so that we can help you navigate the mine field of obstacles that insurance companies will present. Call today 330-535-2000 or fill out the request form on this page today and speak with a personal injury attorney.

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