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If You’ve Been In A Collision Why You May Need To Contact A Lawyer

If You’ve Been In A Collision Why You May Need To Contact A Lawyer

September 19, 2008
By Willis, Willis & Rizzi, Personal Injury Attorneys Akron

Being involved in a collision is something most people may only experience once in a lifetime. However, the insurance industry makes it their business to be involved with collisions on a daily basis. Even if the other driver tells you at the scene of the collision it was his or her fault the insurance company representing the other driver may not agree.

From the beginning the insurance company may be photographing skid marks, documenting evidence, and talking to witnesses in an effort to build a case proving their driver is not at fault. All of this can be taking place without your knowledge. If you are having a discussion with an insurance representative and they want to take a recorded statement, that should be your clue that it’s time to get a lawyer. The insurance representative will tell you they need a recorded statement for their file or to help understand the claim but the reality is the recorded statement is taken in an effort to lock in your position on issues in the case.

These so-called recorded statements will be transcribed by the insurance company and put in the file. The question begs: who is taking your recorded statement and who is transcribing it. Is it accurate? You will never be given a copy to review for accuracy. The insurance companies never offer to allow you to take the recorded statement of their driver. Your recorded statement will be used against you. If your opinion or position changes after the insurance company denies your claim and you are forced to go to court in an effort to recover your damages, insurance companies love to use the recorded statement to persuade a jury of their position. While a recorded statement may do you no harm, it may be the single piece of evidence that hurts your case the worst and causes you to lose your claim.

If you’ve been injured in a collision and sometimes even if you are not, you will be solicited by medical providers wishing to provide you medical care. If you go to see one of these medical providers, they will ask you to sign documents. These documents give them permission to cut in line in front of you to be paid directly by the insurance company. When it comes time to resolve your claim you may find that there is no money left as some medical provider has taken all the money.
In short, once you are asked to sign documents by anybody or provide a recorded statement, these are clues that you need an attorney.

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